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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Do it ---VOTE

It's Time to Vote...

Today we are talking politics and it is time for you, the electorate, to make a decision.  Now, I know quite a few of you will be sitting back in your lounge chair telling yourself that you are not going to vote because all of your choices are nasty.  Too bad.  Vote anyway. If you didn't vote in the primary elections, it is your fault that your choices are limited.  Now it time to "man up" and vote for any of the candidates who you feel can, at least, partially represent your viewpoints.

The privilege and right to vote is one of America's most cherished freedoms and like most of our freedoms it is a use it or lose it proposition.  Due to the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United Case, major corporations have been  able to pour millions of dollars in this election cycle.  They have distracted the voter from the issues and in some cases printed outright lies.  Now it is up to you, the voter to decide whether or not corporate money rules the outcome of this election, or your vote does.  The only way you can defeat the corporate money is to vote.  Vote you conscience, vote your pocketbook.  I don't care why you vote, just do it!

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