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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mama Grizzly's Cubs

Mama Grizzly's Cubs

Sarah Palin's Radical Right "Tea Party" protégées, Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell will both be running as the Republican nominees for Senate in their respective states, Nevada and Delaware.

The disturbing trend of shooting from the hip without considering the welfare of all the citizens of the United States, begun by Ms. Palin, continues.  In both states for these candidates, "We the People" means fundamentalist white Christians who want to repeal Roe vs. Wade even in case of rape and incest, dismantle the social security system, turn back the clock on health care reform, and put religion squarely into the governmental mix.  Although the candidates, including Palin who may be looking at a White House Run in 2012 are physically appealing, their positions are repellent. 

Most citizens of the United States put their money in private mutual funds and investment instruments suggested by people like Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, or in 401Ks through their jobs that were managed by investment groups.  These investments lost thirty-three percent of their value due to the bank debacle.  I suggest that Ms. Angle, the most vocal candidate on the proposed demise of Social Security, if recent retirees wish they had more money in the stock market.

sarah_palin_800112201.jpg Sarah Palin image by drive_the_nation Perhaps the young female victim of incest or rape would like to speak to Ms. O'Donnell about abstinence, in a situation where she had no choice and is now about to bear the child of her abuser.  

Do we want to go back to the era where you lose your job, run out of Cobra and find exclusions in your new health care policy for pre-existing conditions.

I think that the Original Mama Grizzly is out padding her own cave and is busily carrying Sarah Clones on her back, so they can later support her in her own run for the presidency.  I also believe that if the electorate of Nevada and Delaware do their homework and check the positions of Sarah's cubs, they will find that their stump speeches have been sanitized by the Republican Party to appeal to the less radical element of the party.  A candidate whose stump speech needs to be cleaned must hold views that even the party of "no" finds offensive.  Bear that in mind when you pull that lever.

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